Structured funding

This is generally considered as project centric capital development.


This is the funding of educational related projects to institutions, universities, colleges and schools.

Dept absorbtion and dept portfolio

It is a funding related to when applicant believe they have enough debt that may be a stumbling block to their current applications and so their debt may be considered and absorbed but will be on a separate application process.

Assets purchase and sale

This is when there is assets such as minerals and government assets such as buildings, landed properties, refineries that can be considered as assets for the funding process.

Seed capital development

It is the development of initial capital provided by the applicant or an equity seed capital on behalf of the applicant by making use of relevant collateral such as land and mineral assets to raise letter of credit (lc)/standby letter of credit (sblc) to develop the geological survey that raise required fund for the project.

Entertainment funding

This is capital development for funding films, music and entertainment related projects.