Production & Supply of Lumigon T3 smartphone produced in Denmark.
Facilitating Academic ties between UNIJOS and Centennial College, Canada
Development of Street Light in Toronto.
Supporting The Africa Fashion week and Modeling Runways.
Facilitating The Video Sensors Board for the Caribbean.
Supporting The FAAN Lighting Upgrade for Aminu Kanu International Airport, Kano and Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport.
Facilitating The Supply of HIV-AIDS anti retriever medication to Africa.
Development of Security Biometrics facility for Security agencies in Europe, Africa, Asia and America.
Youth Employment Funding Training across Africa Through partners.
Medical Laboratory Development Support across Africa and Europe
Academic Scholarship Facilitation for schools in Africa through partners.
IT/ICT Training and Awareness projects in west Africa
Petroleum Sales and Marketing Support for LAWSCO Inc.
CONXCORP Lighting Supply to Africa.
Facilitating The Development of housing architecture and real estate in Africa.
Supporting The Geological Survey of WGM Canada.
15 Megawatts Solar Station Plant Development, Canada.