Fund Processing

STEP 1: Compliance

Applicant shall complete a “KNOW YOUR CLIENT PACKAGE” (KYC) which shall contain, but is not limited to, the Complete Business Plan and the following:

  • COMPLETE BUSINESS PLAN and COVER LETTER: Applicant shall provide a signed Completed full Humanitarian Business Plan showing all detailed aspect of the projects and a single cover Letter to be engaged in the Private Equity Funding Model.
  • PROOF OF FUNDS: shall provide a Tear Sheet showing Proof of Funds (POF)

POF should be addressed to CICDTF. When POF are received, CICDTF/PRIVATE EQUITY GROUP will provide proof of available assets.

  • PASSPORTS: CICDTF requests passport copies of all signatories and stakeholders associated with project approval and financial aspects.

STEP 2: Approval And Contract:

Once the requirements of Step 1 are approved, applicant will receive an approval letter and a contract from CICDTF.


STEP 3: Contract Execution

CANADA Team and Partners will Travel to project locationon official Invitation for Inspection and applicant’s signatory/signatories will travel to Toronto for the signing of the contract, or alternatively, courier 2 copies of the fully-endorsed contract to CICDTF for countersigning.

STEP 4: Collateral Assignment

Applicant will deposit the required collateral into the designated trust account to be used as project Collateral and Government Equity Contribution and Insurance.

STEP 5: Release Of Funds

  • CICDTF/PRIVATE EQUITY GROUP will create a project fund for up to the amount approved. Project funding will be available in 60 International Banking Days from the commencement date of the insurance policy.
  • The Project Management Group (PMG),Financial, Engineering and Contract Administration (FECA),made up of the CICDTF team and a Representation team from the applicant, will prepare a Project Fund Disbursement Schedule (PFDS) based on a detailed Use of Funds Summary to be prepared by applicantand approved by CICDTF. CICDTF will release the funds to FECA as per the terms and schedule specified in the contract.