How to Apply.

How to apply to CICDTF for Structured Funding and Support

If you are contemplating submitting an Expression of Interest or Application to obtain Structured Funding for International development projects in your country, please Contact us. We can send you the Standard Application Steps to review and to Apply for Structured Funding.

If you represent a Government or an organization working and planning on Projects and Initiatives directed to the needs of the poor, reduce poverty and subsidizing civil society, service and community needs in developing Local Communities, Cities, States and countries whose objectives correspond to our terms relating to International development priority focus area in a particular region and country, you can Consult with our Representative or Associate Partners in your Area or Region. Please note that Project's Structured Funding are subject to and must have Collateral Assets. This include and limited to Counterpart Fund Assets, International Bank Guarantee Instruments, Private Equity Participation and Commodities or Existing Natural Resources Assets.

Submit an unsolicited Expression of Interest (EOI) to implement a project in a country eligible for development assistance from CICDTF. To be considered, Application must meet eligibility and other Structured Funding criteria as defined in the application process. For example:◦Development and Poverty Alleviation must be the main objective ◦The proposal must conform with CICDTF's International development priorities established for a region or country ◦No profit can be associated with the projects or any agreement In all circumstances, CICDTF will review your application using its Standard Canadian and UN approved Assessment Criteria. Make sure your application responds fully to all of the criteria and includes all of the KYC elements. See our Contact information as follows

Corporate Communications, Canada

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For CICDTF Africa, contact our African Overseer

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